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2016-12-10 2 min read SQA
Today I uninstalled Cal, a calendar app for my android phone. I liked Cal when I first installed it. It’s stylish, chic, and minimalist, as you can see from my below screenshots: The problem is, these three screens I’ve shown you? Are the only real screens in the app, save a settings screen. Do you see the problem yet? How about this: when I got to my hairdresser next week, I’m going to want to schedule another appointment, 3 months out. Continue reading

Quick Tip: How to get your Facebook and Google calendars in the same view

2016-08-10 2 min read Quick Tips
In looking for a replacement for (which shuts down next week), I keep being stymed by my inability to find a calendar that can do everything. I have a work calendar on Outlook, a personal calendar on Google, and my steampunk group uses Facebook events. I can typically find an app that will do two of the above, usually leaving out Facebook, but never all three. The last time I looked I don’t think this was possible, but now you can import your Facebook calendar into Google, allowing the apps on your smartphone to access it as a Google calendar. Continue reading

Quick Tips: How to set an mp3 as a ringtone for a person in Android KitKat

2015-01-25 2 min read Quick Tips
This was frustrating enough that I wanted to document it, as it’s surprisingly complicated. Let’s say you have a sound file on your computer — maybe a baby laughing that you want to set for the baby’s mom’s ringtone, or something like that. Legally recorded MP3 files, let’s assume, for the purposes of demonstration. How can you go from “file on my computer” to “ringtone for a contact on my phone” with Android Kit-Kat? Continue reading