About Me

0001-01-01 1 min read

I’m a thirty-something nonbinary IT professional, currently working in Devops. I have a master’s degree in computer science, and I’ve previously worked as a web developer, a QA Analyst, and an SRE, as well as doing my own personal side projects. If you would like to see my resume, it can be found on this very site: bay.green-gaillard.com/resume

You may see me mention any of the following machines from my home network:

  • Mercury, my original Living Room Server ™, now exploded. RIP.
  • Agni, my final Living Room Server
  • Terminus, my former cloud server on DigitalOcean. RIP.
  • Kalos, Terminus' replacement.
  • Frankie, my desktop machine (short for “Frankenstein Computer”)
  • Any of a number of home laptops, all of which have had cute names (as of 2023 the current is Victini)
  • Raspi, my raspberry pi, primarily used as a media server via RaspBMC

You may also see me make vague reference to any of my hobbies; these include steampunk costuming, self-published novels under the pseudonym Jane Bailey, and painting miniatures I 3D print.