Hello World!

2014-10-01 1 min read Uncatagorized

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new tech blog. I’ve previously blogged about technical issues rarely on my personal blog, but since there’s really a different audience for that stuff as opposed to my costuming, writing, and personal updates, I figured I’d break it out into a new wordpress install and link it to my resume. Which means… for the first time, I’m blogging under my real name!

So, welcome! I’ve transferred over the most interesting of my tech blog posts from my other blog so that there’s something to read about. I’ll be blogging things sporadically, starting with a feature from work about how to get a decent functional test automation framework written from scratch with Java and Selenium Webdriver, and then probably lots of crap about my various github projects until I find something more interesting to write about.

Nice to meet you!