Agni Lives!

2013-03-15 2 min read Longer Tales Server Home Projects

So there’s this giant cloud hovering over Agni, and its name is Mysql.

Since I had the hard drive from mercury mounted instead of booting from it, I decided to just copy over the “live” database files instead of doing a dump and restore. I then went to bed. When I woke up, I saw increasing numbers of I/O errors followed by the end of the operation failing. Oops. I go to try again… and the drive can’t be read.

I reboot. The drive can’t be mounted.

I spent a few days messing with various linux tools to restore the drive, and nothing worked. So I grabbed the backup drive…and the blasted thing refuses to stay powered on. It’s a Maxtor OneTouch 4. Those things are friggan impossible to rip open. So that’s a project for a future date. I just hope there’s a semi-recent backup on it; I was terrible at remembering to take them.

But! There’s a silver lining! The wordpress installation went just fine, and it turns out my ISP doesn’t block port 80 (I thought they did, but it was my old router acting up, the new router lets the packets through just fine). So for now, Agni is up and running and ready to serve up my new sites! As soon as I recover my data…